Bolero: F# in WebAssembly

Develop SPAs with the full power of F# and .NET.

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with .NET SDK 8.0.100

Recommended version. Minimum compatible: 6.0.101.

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F# on the client side, no JavaScript

Bolero uses Blazor to bring F# to WebAssembly.

Create dynamic HTML content using a concise and readable syntax, in a full-fledged client-side .NET web framework.

DOM code in F#

Model-View-Update architecture with Elmish

Structure client-side applications with clear separation of concerns between logic and display with the popular Elmish library.

HTML templates with hot reloading

Alternatively, use HTML files with the Template type provider.

Bolero provides hot reloading of HTML template files for immediate feedback.

HTML template and F# instantiation
Defining and calling a remote function

Seamless server remoting

Invoke server-side code hosted on ASP.NET Core as a simple asynchronous function call.

Easily integrate such a call in the Elmish update function.

Automated URL routing

Define your application's routes as an F# union, store it in your Elmish model, and Bolero will parse and generate URLs.

Defining and using a route