Bolero 0.21 released

Revamped server-side rendering

We are happy to announce the release of Bolero version 0.21. Bolero is a library that enables writing full-stack applications in F#, whose client side runs in WebAssembly using Blazor.

The main highlight of this release is a revamp of server-side rendering that fixes prerendering and provides new functions to convert Bolero HTML directly to string.

Install the latest project template with:

dotnet new -i Bolero.Templates::0.21.24


  • #261 Fix prerendering of components inside server-side Bolero.Html.

  • To instantiate a client-side component inside server-side Bolero.Html, the standard comp<T> can now be used instead of the dedicated rootComp<T>.

  • #275 Add new module Bolero.Server.Components.Rendering with functions:

    • renderPlain : Node -> string renders a node to raw HTML. Blazor components are ignored.

    • renderPage : Node -> HttpContext -> IHtmlHelper -> IBoleroHostConfig -> string also renders a node to raw HTML. Blazor components are rendered according to the given host config.

  • #279 Bolero.Build: Disable the production of a reference assembly. This fixes occurrences of error FS2030 that happen on Bolero client projects in .NET 7.

  • #285 Fix typed component builders so that nested components aren't forced to have the same type.

Happy coding!